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7 Healthy Foods That Contain More Potassium Than a Banana

7 Healthy Foods That Contain More Potassium Than a Banana

Potassium is essential to the function of all cells, tissues and organs in our bodies. It acts as an electrolyte (like sodium, calcium and magnesium), it has the ability to conduct electricity in the body. This plays a major role in muscle contraction, so it’s crucial for proper digestion, heart health and physical activity. Luckily, potassium is pretty easy to find – plants absorb potassium through the soil, so one can expect most fruits and vegetables to have at least some of the mineral present.

Bananas are a fantastic fruit – tasty, highly portable and full of fiber and nutrients, but are not the only potassium heroes

Here is a list of seven foods with more potassium than a banana.

1.Lima beans

Speaking of things that are great in salads, let’s chat about the ultra-low-fat, protein-packed lima bean. Easy to keep around (because they come both canned and frozen), a cup of cooked lima beans has over 900 milligrams of potassium. They’re also highly fibrous, so you’ll feel fuller, longer, after eating them. And, they make a great addition to your winter soups and stews.

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2.Swiss Chard

Swiss chard, also known as silverbeet or simply chard, is a leafy green vegetable.

Their thick stalks can range from red to orange to white in color.

They’re highly nutritious. Just one cup (178 grams) of cooked chard provides 961 mg or 20% of the AI for potassium — that’s more than double the potassium in a banana.

The same amount also packs 716% of the RDI for vitamin K and 214% of the RDI for vitamin A.

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They’re also low in calories and a good source of fiber.

Swiss chard is sometimes overlooked in favor of other leafy greens, but it’s a delicious base for salads and can be easily steamed or sautéed with a little oil.

3.Canned Salmon

There’s plenty of reasons to keep a can of salmon in the pantry. It’s a lazy cook’s dream—you get all the heart health benefits of eating omega-3–rich fish with no more effort than popping open a can. Each 5 ounce can has 487 mg (10% of your daily value) of potassium.


Yogurt is a great source of calcium and delivers 380 mg of potassium per eight-ounce cup. Bring it over the banana threshold by adding one ounce of hazelnuts, which have 211 milligrams of potassium.

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Two slices of watermelon contain a whopping 641 milligrams of potassium. Plus, its star ingredient is lycopene, a plant pigment that has been known to reduce the risk of some cancers.


Two small kiwifruit delivers a decent 430 mg of potassium along with four grams of fibre and more than a day’s worth of vitamin C (128 mg).

Include kiwifruit in fruit smoothies (kiwifruit and strawberries make a tasty combo). Add sliced kiwifruit to fruit salads – include cantaloupe, too, another potassium-packed fruit.


One packet of Spinach contains about 1,585 milligrams of potassium. Of course, most people don’t eat a whole packet of spinach in one sitting. But, even if you have just half a pack as a salad, you’re consuming about 792 milligrams of potassium.